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About Cloud9

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Cloud9 Business Analytics is a leading provider of cloud-based Workforce Optimisation (WFO) solutions including Call Recording, Quality Monitoring, Speech Analytics and Workforce Management, which deliver significant business benefit. Our approach is focused on working with organisations to understand the challenges and opportunities they have within their business and align these to the most appropriate WFO service. We then help build an operating model that optimises business benefit and ensures that a maximum return on investment is delivered.

As a pioneer in cloud solutions our WFO services have been designed to deliver this capability to all sizes of business, from small contact centres that previously could not find an affordable WFO solution, through to very large contact centres, using a scalable service-based approach. Cloud9 Business Analytics provides innovative, cost-effective and compliant Call and Screen Recording and Workforce Optimisation solutions, and offers a unique pay-per-hour hosted speech and omni-channel analytics solution. Delivered in the cloudon-premise or as a hybrid solution, we help organisations with contact centre and back-office environments achieve operational efficiencies via our Acquire-Analyse-Optimise™ approach.



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