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Call and Screen Recording for business, contact centre and back-office environments

The contact centre is the shop window of your business and as such it must both inspire customer loyalty and generate profitability. In order to achieve these goals it must have the right applications to monitor, train and improve agent performance on a regular basis. Cloud9 offers a comprehensive suite of call and screen recording, Quality Monitoring and Reporting tools to help increase the quality and revenues of the contact centre whilst delivering a rapid return on investment.

Call and Screen Recording as a Service

Call and screen recording in the cloud imageCloud9’s managed service is unique in that it features call, text and screen recording combined with quality monitoring capabilities. The solution is focused on the management of remote premise-based capture devices for TDM, VoIP and screen data, linked to our co-location facilities to form the basis of the quality monitoring environment. These are combined with both bulk and selective recording capabilities, all within a single solution – and all archives are available 24×7 for as long as needed. The Cloud9 SaaS-based managed service removes the overhead of administering the service and, by default, provides built-in disaster recovery. This level of integration is only available from Cloud9.

  • Proactive monitoring is standard – almost all system issues are fixed long before they have any impact upon your business.

Call and Screen Recording in-the-cloud

Call recording in the cloud imageTraditional call and screen recording solutions are costly and difficult to manage – and only offer reactive technical support. All too often it is only when customers actually need to use their recorders that they realise they have a problem – by then it’s too late. With Cloud9 disaster recovery and proactive support are standard so almost all system issues are fixed long before they have any impact upon your business.

  • Cloud9 engineers constantly monitor your solution – akin to having your very own expert onsite at no extra cost.

No other recording company can offer a comparable guarantee of availability of service. If call recording is a crucial part of your business, Cloud9 is the right solution for you.

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