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Proactive Monitoring 

Proactive Customer Support

Proactive monitoring

Because the Cloud9 application is hosted and is constantly monitored by our engineers, we will nearly always be aware of any support issues and will have fixed them before they have an impact upon your business. This proactive monitoring is akin to having your own on-site engineer but without the cost! We monitor all aspects of the solution including Core Server Application, Database Performance, the Capture Server Processes and Archiving. This real-time, end-to-end monitoring ensures that your calls are captured, encrypted and archived  so you can access your recordings when you most need them.

Alarm Policies

Cloud9 allows you to create alarm policies that will notify specified users whenever problems arise. Many different processes can be made part of any alarm policy and the most common ones concern CTI connectivity, channel activity and media monitoring to ensure calls are archived. These users will receive notification of any problems and Cloud9 Support can also be notified directly, if you so wish.

Self-Healing Architecture

Within Cloud9 there are a number of core server processes – each of these is monitored and managed by the Cloud9 System Monitor processes to ensure optimum performance. In the event of failure of any process it is automatically restarted and the corresponding log files are preserved to allow for:

● Minimal downtime of the server process
● Detailed root cause analysis to be performed

Any failure of the server processes will have no impact on call capture. This self-healing architecture ensures Cloud9’s unrivalled availability of service.

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