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Screen Capture

Cloud9 Screen Capture

Desktop screen capture

Capture desktop activity with Cloud9 Screen Capture. Together with corresponding call recording data it provides a true reflection of the actual customer experience, without impairing system performance. Carry out spot checks on agent activity, desktop activity and system performance in real-time via live monitoring to ensure your operational efficiency.

Cloud9’s screen capture provides a solution to record the desktop environment during interactions between contact centre agents and customers. The agent desktop is captured before the call, during customer interaction, and while the agent is in wrap-up, to give you a true insight into the experience of both the customer and the agent. Such feedback is essential when it comes to evaluating agent performance and training new agents – key components of any contact centre Quality Monitoring program.

To run a profitable operation, contact centre supervisors, managers and Quality Monitoring evaluators must be able to see what is going on at each agent’s desktop. Cloud9 Call Recording and Screen Capture provides an indisputable record of not only what the agent is saying but what is happening on their screen. Call and screen captures are synchronised upon playback, and if each agent position is using multiple screens, all of these are captured and synchronised during replay. From this it is easy to see if the agent is following the script, if they’re providing the appropriate information, if they’re using applications correctly, and so on. In turn supervisors can act directly to improve agent performance, provide training and fine-tune the script and the layout of applications. This enhanced knowledge translates directly to the bottom line.

Compliant Screen Capture

In business environments which are governed by PCI-DSS regulations call recordings must comply with these, and where screen capture is implemented this process must also be PCI compliant. Cloud9 provides various tools to ensure that both call recording and associated screen captures fully meet these rules. To find out more please contact us.

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