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Hosted Enterprise speech analytics for the contact centre

Value of speech analytics to the Contact CentreOur industry-leading hosted speech analytics engine, improves contact centre and enterprise performance through conversational text and speech analysis. It immediately reveals insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels – including phone, email, chat, social and more.

In most contact centres, in-house or third-party Quality Monitoring is used to score agents on the quality of their conversations and, less frequently, other interactions…

…at best, perhaps just 5-10% of each agent’s calls might be assessed and rated.  So what about the remaining 90-95%!?

With analytics, you have the peace of mind that comes with monitoring 100% of calls…and other channel interactions too, whether digital (web chat, social) or email, etc. Furthermore, Cloud9’s automated analytics capability is completely objective (unlike human raters) and ensures consistency and fairness.  Our solution permits management by exception, flagging the unusual, unplanned and undesirable. Cloud9’s analytics solution helps you to guarantee compliance and/or to optimise sales and service environments.

With the appropriate metadata, it is able to provide a view of the complete customer journey whether during an individual end-to-end transaction or across every touch point you have ever had with that client.

Particularly in regulated environments it is often not just what was said (or written) but when it was communicated that matters; Cloud9 has the unique ability to monitor the timing and context of your agents’ interactions with customers. And, for the ultimate solution to avoid the risk of going out of compliance, alienating a customer or missing a sales opportunity, you can even do all this in real-time with our innovative real-time performance monitoring tool.

Delivered as a hosted solution on Cloud9’s secure platform:

  • Captures customer conversations and associated metadata from any source communication system (Cloud9’s and most other call recording platforms, subject to quality and appropriate metadata) and across multiple contact centre sites and locations
  • Converts customer interactions (calls, chats, emails, social) into a consistent format for analysis
  • Automatically evaluates all contacts for sentiment/acoustics, categorisation, and performance scoring
  • Allows for free-form search to find and playback contacts containing certain words and phrases or sharing other characteristics in a familiar web search user experience
  • Enables evaluation and comparison of performance and key metrics using data visualisation
  • Determines root cause through auto-topic analysis and automatically identifying outliers

Performance Management Positioning

Don’t have the resource or desire to do this in house?  No problem, let us take the strain and add significant value with the Cloud9 Hosted Managed Analytics overlay. Contact us today to find out how.

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