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Managed Speech Analytics

Rapid on-demand speech, text & social media analytics with no licence fees – delivered as an entirely managed service.

Ember managed speech analytics word cloudProfitable change in your contact centre has to be based on hard evidence. That evidence lies buried within the telephone conversations, emails, webchats and social media interactions your customers engage in with you.

Cloud9’s Managed Speech Analytics service will quickly identify valuable insights, across all communications channels, from these interactions using Cloud9’s hosted speech analytics platform, which will help you:

  • Lower operating cost and mitigate business risk associated with Quality and Compliance Monitoring
  • Increase revenue through a targeted approach to sales performance improvements
  • Reduce service delivery cost by identifying and prioritising opportunities to remove unnecessary contact and increase first contact resolution
  • Improve customer satisfaction by gathering insight direct from customer conversations and acting on it

Our Managed Speech Analytics is delivered via Cloud9’s secure and scalable cloud-based speech analytics platform ensuring minimal disruption to your existing infrastructure. Plus, our experience in customer management means you get the benefit of years of practical know-how from our cross-industry expert team that delivers actionable insight.

Cloud9’s Managed Speech Analytics is an on-demand service – you will only pay for what you use, resulting in predictable costs that can be aligned to clear returns on investment. We offer two types of service to fit your needs:

  • Action Analytics to underpin your business improvement activities
  • Agent Analytics to protect and strengthen your quality, compliance and sales activities

Speech Analytics Resourcing

Speech analytics solutions are complex and require access to highly specialised skill sets. Whether short, medium or long-term, we can provide resources to address your specific requirements, for example:

  • to expedite deployment and ensure rapid ROI – by deploying our expert analysts to ensure alignment between corporate strategy and Target Operating Model and maintain Board-level visibility and approval
  • to up-skill in-house teams – in addition to our core analytics training, to enable you to optimise your deployment from the outset whilst gradually up-skilling your own teams and giving them the confidence to take full control at a time that best suits your operation.
  • to provide on-going expertise – some organisations, whilst clearly understanding the benefits and business case for analytics, do not necessarily want to recruit specialist headcount or add workload to already stretched teams. Our ability to deliver clear and timely actionable insight at both an operational and strategic level, is second to none. Furthermore, its capability to provide cutting-edge best-practice guidance and to assist benchmarking with peers as well as against other industry sectors is compelling differentiator.

Our expert analysts are all seasoned, highly-experienced customer management professionals and come with the back-up resources, knowledge and expertise. The experience and insight of our analytics professionals is unrivalled and highly referenced in this industry. With our wide-ranging experience in customer management you benefit from years of practical know-how from our team of cross-industry experts, thereby ensuring the on-going delivery of tangible benefits far-outweighing your investment.

To find out more how our managed speech analytics service can benefit your business, please contact us.

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