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System Architecture

Cloud9 data centre system architecture imageThe unique nature of the Cloud9 system architecture offers many advantages over traditional call recording technology. It is the only multi-tenanted, network-agnostic and platform agnostic call recording solution available today. The software and database are hosted in secure data centres, and our support team carries out the routine management of tasks such as disk clean-up, database backup, software upgrades, etc., on behalf of all customers. This guarantees pro-active and greatly simplified support, and with centralised software upgrades, customers are always using the latest version of the Cloud9 application. Calls are recorded, encrypted and stored locally before being streamed from the call capture servers to storage servers at our co-locations.

Flexible System Architecture

 Cloud9’s flexible system architecture means it is a true enterprise solution, engineered to integrate seamlessly into any existing communication environment. The use of industry standard technology assures it is highly adaptable to the future growth that all organisations plan and aspire to. It is available as SaaS, Premises and Enterprise models, and hybrid architectures, such as a fully-managed SaaS solution but with local storage, can be quickly delivered.

Hosted recording advantages

  • More cost-effective to deploy
  • Greatly reduced administration time
  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Pro-actively maintained and supported
  • Protects your investment
  • Costs become OpEx rather than CapEx based
  • Unlimited online archive always available

Benefits of Cloud9’s Contact Centre Solutions

  • Rules-based call recording
  • Integration with your contact centre systems
  • User-friendly application
  • Quality Monitoring and Reporting included as standard
  • Evaluate and add additional comments to agent scorecards
  • Generate textual and graphical reports

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