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Cloud9 Enterprise Call Recording

For customers that operate their own data centres Cloud9 can be delivered as an enterprise/private cloud solution which is fully managed by Cloud9 and charged on a subscription basis. Our enterprise solutions use the same software and afford the same unrivalled availability of service which is part and parcel of our unique SaaS solution. For customers wishing to have entirely discrete separation between calls recorded in different parts of the business, our multi-tenancy capabilities allow this.

Cloud9 Enterprise Call Recording Overview

Calls can be recorded from traditional TDM, VoIP, SIP and mixed telephony environments. In addition our screen capture application records activity on agent desktops, such as screen navigation, data entry, and so on, yet it can be configured not to record sensitive information, such as payment screens, thus keeping you compliant.

Cloud9 Enterprise Call Recording supports the recording of thousands of channels at multiple sites across your enterprise, with a single point of administration. Calls can be archived to your existing storage infrastructure or into our secure data centres where calls are triplicated. For high-availability and maximum up-time Cloud9 can offer optional redundant call capture and real-time database and core application replication. In the unlikely event that your data centres are offline, recording continues uninterrupted with calls stored on local capture servers. Once your data centres are available calls will be automatically pushed to the central servers and archive.

High Availability Overview

Cloud9 Enterprise Call Recording is provided as a high-availability solution with the following processes:

  • All Primary Storage files are mirrored to the Secondary server in real-time.
  • All configuration changes are automatically replicated from the Main server to the Secondary server in real-time.
  • The database is replicated from the Primary Server to the Secondary Server in real-time using standard Oracle® utilities.
  • Both the Main server and the Secondary server run identical executable files.
Enterprise Call Recording - solution overview diagram
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