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Cloud9 Premises Call Recording

Cloud9 is available as a premises call recording solution for those customers wishing to keep their technology in-house. Using the same software incorporated in our cloud call recording solution, Cloud9 differs from traditional recording products in terms of its unrivalled resilience and system security. For customers wishing to have entirely discrete separation between calls recorded in different areas parts of the business, our multi-tenancy capabilities allow this.

Being able to capture each and every customer interaction provides significant business value. It enables you to understand why your customers are calling you, monitor and measure the quality of your service, ensure you have full and accurate records of each transaction and most importantly, provides you with the opportunity to listen to your customers.

Policy-Driven Call Recording

Cloud9 operates as an integral part of the business environment. Its incorporation of business rules allows the user to tailor the application to fit the corporate and communication strategies precisely. For the first time, the use of recording, archiving and user policies puts the user in control. Call recordings and captured data can be managed and deployed to maximum effect, generating demonstrable benefits for the business. You can decide to record all calls and create different recording policies to automatically identify subsets of these calls for Quality Monitoring purposes. Archive policies allow you to determine what calls you wish to archive, where and when to archive, and for how long to archive them. Calls can be also be archived to multiple different locations using your existing infrastructure, or into our secure cloud.

Suitable for single-site and multi-site premise-based recording, Cloud9 is ideal for any business looking for an Enterprise-class, affordable solution.

Premises call recording diagram
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Premises call recording for multiple sites
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