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What is Workforce Management?

Teleopti Workforce Management mobile application

At its simplest Workforce Management (WFM) is the process by which you ensure your customer service organisation has the right person, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time – regardless of the method of contact.

Teleopti Workforce Management is a world class WFM solution that encompasses all that you need to optimise the staffing and customer service across your enterprise. Our complete solution supports optimisation of your contact centre, back-office and even your branches and stores. Teleopti provides everything necessary to effectively manage your staff, forecast demand, create schedules automatically, develop accurate and insightful reports and improve your overall customer service operation.

Teleopti Workforce Management is a core component of our Cloud-WFO solutions. It provides out-of-the-box capability for seamless integrations with QM and eLearning solutions. Teleopti WFM is also delivered with a rich Software Development Kit to facilitate further development of Workforce Optimisation solutions, which can provide:

  • Agent synchronisation – Single point of entry of agent information, and synchronisation of changes to agent data – to reduce administration time and improve accuracy.
  • Integrated performance reporting – Import and display QM evaluation scores and other KPIs right into employee scorecards, for example, for an overall performance view.

Teleopti Workforce Management 2

  • Scheduling of eLearning – Automatic interface for exporting schedules and importing back training sessions for individuals and groups, leading to reduced manual work and increased efficiency.
  • Smarter analytics – Record and analyse the “right” interactions in QM solutions, based on call peaks or schedule information exported from Teleopti. This can lead to much more effective quality monitoring practices.

Teleopti Workforce Management Cloud

Teleopti Workforce Management is available in both a premise- and cloud-based version. Just like the on-premise version, Teleopti WFM Cloud features fully automated forecasting and scheduling that’s accurate, efficient and above all, fair and fun – engaging and empowering agents, who, in turn, deliver greatly improved customer experiences.

Unlike some stripped-down cloud Workforce Management solutions, Teleopti WFM Cloud features the full and complete state-of-the-art functionality of its on-premise version.

Why Teleopti WFM Cloud is a compelling proposition for all sizes of contact centres:

  • Avoid major investments in premise-based infrastructure
  • Have WFM data and support at your fingertips in real time, 24/7
  • Instantly scale up or down the number of users
  • New features are rapidly and automatically released – free of charge: it’s included in the monthly user fee
  • Leave the hardware/software headaches to the experts – e.g. installations, IT operations, maintenance, support, infrastructure obsolescence – and focus instead on delivering outstanding customer experiences.

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