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Cloud9’s speech analytics enables 100% of customer communications to be monitored, and all agent interactions may be scored automatically, objectively and quickly.  The solution costs far less than traditional Quality Assurance measures and, in any case, pays for itself many times over and very quickly. More

Download the document How can Cloud 9 Speech Analytics save you money?

FCA-logo-oblong-300x400Avoid the wrath of the FCA by monitoring 100% of calls for compliance purposes.

In the contact centre environment, in order to mitigate the huge risk of non-compliance, FCA-regulated organisations have tried to reduce their potential exposure through implementing scripting, call recording and call monitoring solutions, however these only prove business process and not compliance. So what’s the answer? More

Download the document Conduct Risk and Evidencing TCF

How one canny client ramped-up to 100% call evaluation in their contact centre, and managed to slash costs by 33%, using Speech Analytics from Cloud9

Our client knew they had a problem.  They were spending a small fortune on evaluating just 2% of their agents’ calls each month.  They were concerned about the 98% of calls that were not being monitored.  Furthermore, it was taking weeks for reports to be generated, by which time it was too late to address urgent issues. How could they reconcile their wish for greater insight into both agent performance and the content of all calls with the huge jump in costs it would necessitate to realise this? More

Download the  Speech Analytics Case Study (requires registration)

Trend Discovery and Topic iner infosheetCloud9 Eureka Trend Discovery and TopicMiner infosheet

Cloud9 Eureka offers a full suite of capabilities for discovering emerging trends in data.

By Cloud9’s definition, discovery in analytics refers to the ability of the system to identify interesting points of information without guidance from users or a predefined set of criteria.  More >

Download the Cloud9 Eureka Trend Discovery & TopicMiner infosheet

cloud9-eureka-automated-agent-quality-monitoringCloud9 Eureka Automated Agent Quality Monitoring infosheet

Automating Agent Scoring to Improve Quality Initiatives.

Automated agent scoring distills complex customer call data into a single number or grade illustrative of total performance. What was once an impossible task of listening to 100% of the voice of your customers is now a completely automated and objective process. More >

Download the Cloud9 Eureka Automated Agent Quality Monitoring infosheet

Cloud9 Eureka Redactor inforsheetCloud9 Eureka Redactor infosheet

Are your Call Recordings PCI Compliant? Remove Sensitive Information with Cloud9 Eureka Redactor.

CallMiner Eureka Redactor uses speech technology to automatically remove PCI sensitive authentication and cardholder data from your incoming call recordings or call recording archives. More >

Download the Cloud9 Eureka Redactor infosheet

cio-magazineCallMiner 2013 CIO Review Magazine Utilities Vendor Spotlight reprint

CallMiner Eureka is an enterprise Speech Analytics platform, meaning that it analyses 100% of every call from start to finish. These detailed voice analytics inform supervisors immediately when customers use language that suggests changing providers or an agent violating telecommunications law. More >

Download the CallMiner CIO Review Magazine Utilities Vendor Spotlight reprint

call-miner-dmgCallMiner DMG Consulting Speech Analytics Product & Market Report reprint

On an annual basis, DMG Consulting conducts independent customer satisfaction surveys to measure end-user satisfaction with vendors and their products, as well as their service, support, professional services, training and innovation. More >

Download the CallMiner DMG Consulting Speech Analytics Product & Market Report reprint

Cloud9 Ember Action Analytics infosheetAction Analytics: Driving business improvement

Action Analytics is an Ember Managed Analytics service. It applies focused attention to the customer management challenges that matter most. And, by analysing interactions across voice, digital and social channels, identifies the actions you can take to overcome them. More >

Download the Cloud9 Ember Action Analytics Infosheet

Cloud9 Ember Agent analytics information sheetAgent Analytics: Protecting quality, compliance and sales

Agent Analytics is an Ember Managed Analytics service. It allows you to monitor every contact centre interaction via voice, digital and social channels – and take action to improve performance. More >

Download the Cloud9 Ember Agent Analytics Infosheet

Cloud9 Ember Analytics Driven Business Improvement 6-step Guide infosheetAnalytics driven business improvement – 6-step guide

If investments in customer interaction analytics technologies are to bear fruit, they need to drive business improvement programmes that use the insights gathered to drive profitable change across the whole enterprise. More >

Download the Cloud9 Ember Analytics Driven Business Improvement 6-step Guide infosheet

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