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Cloud9 Ember Agent analytics information sheetEmber Agent Analytics allows you to monitor every contact centre interaction via voice, digital and social channels – and take action to improve performance.

Ensure compliance
Ensure every customer interaction is fully compliant and eradiate weaknesses that threaten your reputation or introduce regulatory risk. Agent Analytics will alert you to instances of non-compliance so you can take action to prevent their recurrence.

Protect quality
Maintain consistent quality standards and identify any deviations that put customer satisfaction at risk. Agent analytics will identify deviations to your quality standards and support targeted coaching.

Sustain sales
Monitor the performance of your sales agents to ensure they present appropriate offers and never miss an opportunity to pitch. Agent analytics will identify whether your agents are selling effectively and managing objections with ease.

An Ember Managed Analytics service
Agent Analytics is an Ember Managed Analytics service. That means you get all of the advantages of advanced analytics capability with no upfront investment in hardware, software or skills. Instead, you pay a monthly fee and receive, not just data, but actionable insight from our experienced analysts and customer management practitioners.

Download the document Cloud9 Ember Agent Analytics Infosheet

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