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TCF – Treating Customers Fairly

Avoid the wrath of the FCA by monitoring 100% of calls for compliance purposes

FCA logo oblongIn the contact centre environment, in order to mitigate the huge risk of non-compliance, collections agencies have therefore tried to reduce their potential exposure through implementing scripting, call recording and call monitoring solutions, however these only prove business process and not compliance. So what’s the answer?

By monitoring the exact language used Cloud9’s speech analytics enables 100% of customer communications to be monitored automatically, and objectively, and verified as compliant thus preventing disputes or escalations. Furthermore, unlike traditional expensive, small sample-based and subjective measures, post-call analytics typically yields results within 24 hours and, for mission-critical environments, it is even possible to deploy analytics in real-time!

Rapid on-demand speech, text & social media analytics with no licence fees – available as an entirely managed service

Cloud9’s industry-leading Eureka analytics engine, used by many leading North American collections agencies, is available as a secure, ‘pay-as-you-go’, hosted solution. Costing-in for organisations with as few as 20 agents (and with no maximum ceiling), it may be deployed rapidly, with minimum fuss and is entirely ACD/recording platform-agnostic.

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Eureka immediately reveals insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels – including phone, email, chat, social and more. Cloud9’s optional fully managed analytics service removes any burden on your resources and quickly extracts deep insight to enhance your customer communications, deliver business value and, above all, help you to remain compliant.

Contact us to arrange a FREE demonstration to see how easy it is to harness the power and performance of Cloud9’s technology to ensure compliance, improve performance, and deliver rapid ROI and peace of mind.

 About Cloud9 Business Analytics

Cloud9 provides innovative, cost-effective and compliant Call and Screen Recording and Workforce Optimisation, and offers a unique pay-per-hour hosted speech and Multichannel Analytics solution. Delivered in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution, we help organisations with contact centre and back-office environments achieve operational efficiencies via our Acquire-Analyse-Optimise™ approach.

Hosted speech analytics from Cloud9 provides a cost-effective way to gain insights into customer interactions across all communications channels.

Whether your customers are contacting you via telephone, email, SMS, webchat, or social media, our hosted speech analytics solution provides valuable interaction information.

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