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Greater operational efficiency

Innovative Voice and Screen Recording, Quality Management, Storage, Speech Analytics & Workforce Optimisation solutions enabling businesses, like contact centres & back-office environments achieve greater operational efficiencies, enhancements and savings.
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Stay ahead of the competition

Choose our affordable cloud-based Call & Screen Recording solution offering all the benefits of a fully-featured, premises-based recorder in a secure multi-tenant, managed environment with modular call & screen capture, reporting and quality monitoring.
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Keep your business legal

Our innovative Speech & Text Recording solutions meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) security requirements with secure storage and data access built-in & fully automated to keep your business compliant & legal.
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Call and Screen Recording*

Innovative Call & Screen Recording solutions built on a unique system architecture for unrivalled service availability. Delivered in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution. Quality Monitoring for improved customer service and experience & PCI/DSS secure for your peace of mind.
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Hosted Speech Analytics

Advanced Hosted Speech Analytics measuring interaction outcomes ensuring your contact centre performs as planned by integrating your CRM systems, call records, and other metadata with highly valuable interaction information contained in phone calls, web chats, and email.
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Workforce Optimisation

Easy to use, localised Workforce Optimisation solutions helping businesses like contact centres, back offices and retail improve their operational efficiency, customer service, employee satisfaction & profitability through Optimised, Automated Forecasting & Scheduling.
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