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Bespoke training services supporting your investment in Call Recording Speech Analytics and WFO solutions.

Training for WFO solutions

At Cloud9 we understand the key role that training plays in the successful implementation and ongoing operation of our solutions. Training is focused on giving your staff the appropriate level and detail of teaching and development they need for their particular skill sets and ensuring they understand how to use our solutions to maximise the benefit to your business.

Our flexible training programs can be delivered either at your business location or online to help provide you with the skills you need to best operate our solutions and to maximise a return on your investment.

Cloud9 training at-a-glance

  • Expert trainers enable the successful use of our solutions more quickly and efficiently
  • Training is focused upon your organisation’s unique operational requirements
  • Hands-on and role-based training courses delivered by WFO experts
  • A range of training courses are available including:
    • front-office and back-office training
    • solution administration and configuration training
    • train-the-trainer


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